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Truck Brokering Service - Freight brokerage services

Freight brokerage services resolve this typical logistical issue by quickly locating coverage.

QBIT MANAGEMENT links carriers with available capacity to customers that want immediate shipment help. We offer important 3PL freight brokerage services to companies of all sizes throughout Europe and have experience in several sectors.

As a relationship-based, transactional business, freight brokerage involves effective communication between the 3PL, the carrier, and the customer. We are pursuing long-term partnerships with carriers and shippers who often need freight brokerage services, and we are adept at supporting the missing links in efficient supply chains by responding swiftly.

Advantages Of Using Our Freight Brokerage Services:

Why our Truck Brokering Service are right for you?

24/7 support for our carriers and shippers

We provide fair prices for both our carriers and shippiers

We assist in finding the best solutions for your shipments.