An exchange with the European Commission, EU Parliament, local authorities and industry stakeholders on truck parking areas in Europe took place at the European Parliament on the 6th of March 2024 hosted by ESPORG and MEP Kosma Zlotowsky.

UETR joined the panel discussion on how to ensure a full deployment of safe, comfortable, sustainable and connected truck parking areas in Europe. UETR Secretary General Marco Digioia stressed the opportunities to be seized: EU and national funding schemes; Public and Private Partnerships (PPPs); multimodal connectivity integrating truck parking facilities with other modes of transport, e. g railway and maritime; environmental benefits with parking areas as hub for alternative fuels charging points.

“The role of associations is key in order to deliver collaborative partnership at all levels, from EU to national and local; providing date on our hauliers and drivers’ needs; public awareness campaigns on the essential role of parking areas to support those delivering goods real economy and society needs” he said. 

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