The UETR General Assembly and Board of Directors were held on the 17th of November 2022 in Belgrade hosted by the Serbian Road Hauliers Association MT Međunarodni transport.
The meetings were followed by a Round Table where associations from all over Europe shared views and national experiences on the impact of the main urgent issues for transport companies and way to manage them successfully.
The massive shortage of drivers is challenging road haulage and the supply chain, and it is getting worse. It was felt professional retraining could retain current drivers and schooling could create a new training path to attract young people. Measures like a general ban of loading and unloading, together with sufficient, quality and secure parking facilities in the EU were also seen as measures to make the profession more attractive.
Participants also discussed and put forward proposals on the current energy and economic crisis, and the review of truck weights and dimensions legislation.
Associations from Romania and Bulgaria joined the exchange with UETR members and provided useful input.

All participants agreed to continue the dialogue with a view to a common approach and shared solutions to the current critical issues road transport SMEs are experiencing.

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