Brussels, 10 March 2022

UETR calls upon decision makers for urgent and widespread action to address unbearably high energy prices

The unbearable increase in energy prices in Europe is putting at risk road transport companies which play a vital role delivering goods to people and business. 

Adequate and widespread action at governmental level is needed for the survival of thousands of Micro Small and Medium transport companies. Fuel constitutes a big share of their activity costs and if not immediately helped, most of them will simply be unable to move goods and will have to stop, with breakdowns in supply chains.

All National authorities are called upon to introduce appropriate reduction of taxation on diesel fuel and substantial excise duties refund to carriers.  Moreover, EU emergency action to allow Member States to apply lower excise duty rates for freight transport, even below the minimum threshold set at the EU level, would be extremely important and useful.

Where applicable at national level, the automatic indexation mechanism to offset the impact of fuel price rises on transport costs is to provide equitable economic relief to small haulers.

Finally, emergency measures of regulated prices for commercial diesel fuel should be taken in order to enable affected SMEs to overcome the crisis.

The present situation also seriously endangers the transition to low carbon economy and the achievement of the EU Green Deal objectives.

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