UETR supports to the revision of the Directive 96/53/EC on the maximum weights and dimensions of heavy-duty vehicles (“Weights and Dimensions Directive”) to allow longer and heavier vehicles (at least 44 tons) progressing the European Modular Systems (“EMS”) in international road freight transport.

Currently EU Member States can allow heavier and longer dimensions on their territory and in cross-border transport, but only when agreed bilaterally. E. g. within the Benelux, 44 tons is generally allowed. For cross-border transport outside the Benelux, current Directive 96/53/EC limits this to 40 tons or 44 tons in the context of an intermodal transport. For national transport, the directive allows heavier weights. This leads to inconsistencies and operators’ situations which varying from country to country. Moreover, the current EU Combined Transport Directive also provides for strict definitions and conditions, including on the distance travelled by pre- and post-haul road transport. As a result, more vehicles are actually needed to transport the same amount of goods. This is negative for curbing emissions and for mobility in general. ..[full position here]

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